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Android IP Port Country(City) Server Type Response Time Proxy Speed (Wuhan)transparent proxy3.783103 Darussalam (Brunei)anonymous proxy00 (Guntur)transparent proxy1.9713994 proxy9.484930 (Bangkok)anonymous proxy1.6310502 States (OH, Toledo)transparent00, Republic of (Chisinau)transparent proxy6.071408 (Lima)transparent proxy9.112494 (So Paulo)high-anonymous00 (Almere)anonymous proxy00 (Distrito Federal)transparent proxy00 (Buenos Aires)transparent proxy10.772739, Islamic Republic of (Sharif)transparent proxy11.112335 (Dhaka)transparent proxy2.951180 (Bangkok)transparent proxy1.714398 (Cairo)transparent proxy6.812914, Islamic Republic of (Fars)high-anonymous00 (Kuala Kangsar)transparent proxy8.645022 (Shanghai)transparent proxy1.6815378 (Wuhan)transparent proxy5.645462 proxy7.81823, Islamic Republic of (Pars)transparent2.33154

Android proxy list date: 2012 May 12

Next is the apps ssl list containing transparent proxy ip:port list listening in port 3128 Thailand (Bangkok) country.