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Droid 2.0 high-anonymous proxy ip address and port list Thailand

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Android IP Port Country(City) Server Type Response Time Proxy Speed (Beijing)high-anonymous00 proxy3.211111 (Amman)anonymous proxy1.4418539 Arab Emirates (Dubai)anonymous proxy00 (Khon Kaen)anonymous5.66506 (Karachi)anonymous proxy00, Islamic Republic of (Tehran)anonymous16.7517 (Canoas)anonymous9.83879 proxy3.051456 proxy4.481102 (So Paulo)high-anonymous00 States (IN, Terre Haute)anonymous proxy00 (Bangkok)anonymous7.431092 Arabiaanonymous proxy1.713260 (Beijing)high-anonymous7.34260 (Shanghai)anonymous proxy1.2416576 (Nanchang)high-anonymous1.424097 Federationanonymous proxy11.92749 (Kuala Lumpur)anonymous proxy4.9245 (Chengdu)high-anonymous00 (Hanoi)anonymous00, Islamic Republic of (Pars)anonymous6.363483 (Sidoarjo)anonymous23.3660 (Jinan)anonymous proxy6.771214 Arab Emirates (Dubai)anonymous proxy00

Android proxy list date: 2013 May 13

This is the 2.0 socks4 list containing high-anonymous proxy ip address and port list listening in 80 Thailand country.