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2.0 fresh proxy server list 8080

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Android IP Port Country(City) Server Type Response Time Proxy Speed States (HI, Hilo)anonymous00 (Taipei)anonymous00, Republic of (Seoul)anonymous proxy00 (Guangzhou)anonymous14.751654 (Xiamen)high-anonymous1.443310 (Xiamen)high-anonymous1.423407 (Nanjing)high-anonymous1.09397 (Guangzhou)anonymous proxy11.8526 (Chengdu)high-anonymous1.293733 States (NV, Henderson)high-anonymous00 (Hangzhou)anonymous proxy25.15249 (Santiago)anonymous proxy00 Federationanonymous proxy00 Federationanonymous00 Federationanonymous proxy6.32950 (Visakhapatnam)anonymous13.02463 proxy00 States (NY, Buffalo)high-anonymous00 States (NV, Henderson)high-anonymous00 Arab Emirates (Sharjah)anonymous00 Proxyhigh-anonymous00 Proxyhigh-anonymous0.598061

Android proxy list date: 2013 September 30

This is the 2.0 fresh list of high-anonymous proxy server list listening in port 8080 Russian Federation.