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Android IP Port Country(City) Server Type Response Time Proxy Speed States (WI, Stevens Point)anonymous proxy00 (MO, Kansas City)anonymous proxy00 States (CA, Fremont)anonymous proxy00, Republic of (Seoul)anonymous proxy6.091000, Islamic Republic of (Pars)anonymous proxy3.284577 (Guangzhou)anonymous proxy17.311697 (Guangzhou)anonymous proxy15.59406 Arab Emirates (Fujairah)anonymous proxy00, Islamic Republic of (Gostar)anonymous proxy00 (Hamilton)high-anonymous0.618268 States (TX, Dallas)anonymous00 States (NY, Hudson Falls)anonymous proxy8.33744 (Bangkok)anonymous proxy0.86578, Republic of (Sacheon)anonymous proxy12.47508 (Shenyang)high-anonymous1.215959 (Shenyang)high-anonymous1.797729 (Chengdu)high-anonymous7.25851 Proxyhigh-anonymous00 (Guangzhou)anonymous4.045133 proxy00 (Jundia)anonymous proxy00 Federationanonymous proxy15.54411 proxy6.58952 (Tianjin)anonymous proxy11.15119 States (NY, Buffalo)high-anonymous00 (Depok)anonymous proxy00 Konganonymous proxy00 (Itumbiara)anonymous proxy00 States (NV, Henderson)high-anonymous00, Islamic Republic of (Isfahan)anonymous00 States (MO, Saint Louis)high-anonymous15.47416

Android proxy list date: 2013 September 23

This is the LG public list with high-anonymous proxy ip list listening port 8080 from China (Guangzhou).