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Android 3.2 open anonymous proxy proxy 8080

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Android IP Port Country(City) Server Type Response Time Proxy Speed proxy5.332921 (Shanghai)anonymous proxy0.81514 (Beijing)anonymous proxy00 (Braslia)anonymous proxy1.263393 (Jundia)anonymous15.57348 proxy1.1510470 (Pattaya)anonymous proxy00 (Sakura)anonymous proxy00 (Guangzhou)anonymous00 (Braslia)anonymous0.577334 proxy2.964545 Arabiaanonymous12.12174 (Uppsala)anonymous10.97488 (Lanzhou)anonymous12.110 proxy00 proxy6.282224 proxy6.37862 Arab Republicanonymous2.275503 proxy9.01609 (Bangkok)anonymous proxy00 (NV, Henderson)high-anonymous0.517506 States (IL, Aurora)anonymous00 (Montral)high-anonymous2.91457 (Chengdu)anonymous proxy00 (Beijing)anonymous00 (Toronto)anonymous14.77365

Android proxy list date: 2013 December 21

This is the 3.2 open list of anonymous proxy proxy ip list over port 8080 from Brazil.