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3.1 socks4 proxy addresses list 3128 China (Chengdu)

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Android IP Port Country(City) Server Type Response Time Proxy Speed (Caracas)anonymous proxy00 Arab Emirates (Sharjah)anonymous proxy00 Arab Emirates (Sharjah)anonymous proxy00 (Nakhon Ratchasima)anonymous proxy9.6669 proxy2.422334 Vincent and the Grenadines (Kingstown)anonymous00, Islamic Republic of (Esfahan)anonymous00 Darussalam (Kuala Belait)anonymous00 (Tianjin)high-anonymous1.414130 (Chengdu)high-anonymous00 (Chengdu)high-anonymous4.421513 (Beijing)high-anonymous00 (So Paulo)high-anonymous00 States (NY, Buffalo)high-anonymous00 States (WI, Milwaukee)anonymous proxy00 (Hangzhou)anonymous22.4166 States (NY, Buffalo)high-anonymous0.4911002 States (PA, Dover)anonymous proxy00 (Fuzhou)high-anonymous00 (Shijiazhuang)high-anonymous1.7811635 (Shenyang)high-anonymous00

Android proxy list date: 2013 August 12

Next is the 3.1 socks4 list that includes high-anonymous proxy addresses list listening over 3128 port from China (Chengdu).